Monday, May 10, 2010


I know you can buy Jello GFCF but it has all the crap in it we are not able to do like colors and flavors that are not all natural. This is so quick and easy and cheap.

1 can frozen juice ( I will only use 100 percent juice)
1 can of water
3 packets of unflavored gelatin

If the concentrate is still frozen, thaw it out. Pour it into a large bowl that would be easy to pour out of. ( I have a mixing bowl with a handle and a spout.) Boil a cans worth or water. While the water boils, pour and mix gelatin into the concentrate and mix well. Once the water boils pour into juice and gelatin and and stir well until it is all dissolved.
Spray nonstick spray in a nonstick mini muffin tin. Pour the mixture into the tin. You will have enough extra for a couple of big muffins if you have another tin around.

* I was making this in a glass 9X13 dish and it always stuck even with spray. And it would get a odd film on it. When I did the muffin tins it was ready MUCH faster! ( within an hour or so) and they slide right out with a finger swipe under them, and no film and tough texture. As soon as they were done I popped them all out and placed in a tight sealing bowl in the fridge. Makes it easier to store and fast serving.


  1. Oh I am so going to try this. My daughter misses jello so much. Thank You.


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