Monday, March 1, 2010

Hens ( Lemon Thyme)

I always feel so rustic when we make these. I love them because it is no fuss, pretty fast, and so tasty. Also great for company at the last minute. You can really stock up on them when they go on sale too. But what I love best is that you can not screw up on them if you follow cooking instructions. ( I had cornish game hens, on 325 convection oven for an hour and they were perfect. Tonight I made Lemon Thyme ones:)

Whatever hens you can get, I used Rock Cornish Game hens here.

Olive oil
1 lemon
Garlic chopped ( about 4 guess)
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder

First thing I rinsed and patted dry the birds.
Placed them in a shallow baking pan on a rack.
Drizzled the bird in olive oil and sprinkled salt and pepper all over them, along with some chopped garlic and lemon juice. Rubbed it all it really well. Took a quarter of the lemons I just used, covered them in thyme and placed inside the bird.

Follow baking instructions.

Meanwhile, in a small bowl, pour about a quarter cup olive oil, tablespoon garlic powder and onion powder, squirt of lemon juice, and garlic. Baste birds every 20 min or so.

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