Friday, February 26, 2010


It seemed like every Friday night growing up was Friday Night Pizza Night. We did it to once we got married and had kiddos, making our own pizzas how we liked them. Well it was a hard pill to swallow when we went GFCF, after all you can't get more dairy and gluten than pizza now can you!
I had heard of these tofu cheeses but could never find them, and lets be honest, the cheese snob I am, the LAST thing I wanted was nasty fake cheese, i would *GASP* rather go without it at all. Well I know E misses pizza and I miss having that weekly tradition. I thought I would TRY and see if whole foods had such a substance. I was shocked when I found it, and they had 4 flavors, including mozzerela! So we grabbed it and went on our way. I am very leary of this being any good but I figured if I lead on like it is good, then E will invite it in as great. We get home the first thing he wants is not the big cookie I got him in checkout, but a slice of cheese. It made me want to cry! He has been awesome with his diet shift, no complaints, smiles, eats it all and loves it. But when he was so happy about the cheese and when he bit into it I held my breath... he LOVED it! I have to admit, it was edible! I could so make some capresse salads and such out of it. So has he ran off to play I knew that this was going to rock for him, Friday Night Pizza night was back on. Thank goodness it tastes great melted, yes that is right, it even melted and browned like the real stuff!! It was a wonderful end to a long week:)

And here are the two pizzas I did and recipes! One was just a cheese and onion, the other was a craving that needed satisfying, Dill Pesto Chicken Pizza.

I used an easy GFCF prepackaged pizza crust mix, I could have, and will make my own next time. I might just use the flatbread recipe and make them in my largest skillet and make large personal pan ones.

Once I have the crust layed out and ready to bake, before I top them I drizzle them in olive oil and rub with a smashed garlic clove, followed by a good dusting of italian seasoning. Bake for about seven to ten min, just enough to crisp. THen I top as I like.

The one was normal red sauce, minced onions, and 'cheese'

The Dill Pesto Chicken was a bit more work but still easy and so very good.

1-2 Chicken Breast, cut into small pieces
1 container fresh dill
3 fresh basil leaves
2 green onions
2 cloves garlic
salt to taste
Extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbl lemon juice

Ingredients to make Dill Dip

Take all but the chicken and place in a food proccesor. Chop into a rough paste, but smooth enough to spread. Take about a quarter cup of it and rub all over the chicken. along with a shot of EVOO. If you can let it sit in that a while that is great, if not, no big deal. Heat a pan on medium high heat and when hot add oil and then chicken, quickly cook the meat and remove right before it is done.
After the crust is pre-baked, take out of oven and rub remaining pesto all over the crust. top with the chicken and cheese. (If you have any red onions and or some fresh tomato that would be heavenly as well with this!)
Place pizzas back in oven about 10 minutes, until bubbly and starting to brown.

While pizzas finish, take the food proccesor, don't even need to clean it, and make the dill dip. When you pull out the finished pizza, drizzle it in the dill dip.

This so hit my dill craving tonight!

Also I always save a pit of the plain pizza dough and make sweets with them, tonight it was cinnamon and sugar sticks:) Just like old times.

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