Thursday, January 21, 2010

Here It Goes!

I keep on having people want to know what we are doing for dinner. It is the most dreaded thing we think of about two o'clock. Lunch has settled, the day is dragging on and all we want is dinner to be here so the rest of the day is downhill. If only dinner took care of itself. Well it can if you take a few minutes here and there. I am all about fast and easy, ( girls who know me, contain the remarks to such a phase by me!) This blog is to help all you others out there that have the whole gluten/dairy free thing going on. Be it for there little ones, selves, random loved ones coming over for dinner and you have NO idea what to make other than cardboard and water.
This adventure started about a year ago. Easton had been diagnosed with SPD sensory seeking and Aspergers at about two and half years old. Therapy was wonderful for us all but he had reached a plateau and as much as I LOVE my breads and dairies, I had to do this for my boy. There is nothing we would not do for our babes. It was going to be hard and the plunge was the scariest. We went through withdrawals complete with nightmares but by the end of the month we started seeing a different spark about him. His stool went from mud to normal, he started to go to sleep on his own, and if he woke up all he needed was cuddles. The stims started to diminish to occasional, not predicable. We were getting our boy back.
So here it is, my little outreach to all those who are scared of the leap. It is intimitating but once you get some of the basic knowledge, it gets easier, and then it become habit and then a new life as begun and it is good!

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