Thursday, January 21, 2010


SO I think I will start with our menu for the LAST two weeks or so. I find it easier to when I think of something to write it down right then and there or it is gone forever! I am going to be working on trying to be a coupon clipper but one thing at a time. A lot of people think that this diet is uber expensive but I think it works out to be even cheaper since you are not buying all that crap convience food. There are some good convience GFCF stuff but they are pricey and depending on where you are hard to get but I like to have one or two Namaste meals for just in case nights or lunches. I will also make it a point to make the grocery list I make for each menu. This was the hardest part for me so I hope it helps out with you making the leap, or maintaining your jump.

Garlic Lime Chicken with sweet rice and peas

Cilantro Pesto Skirt Steak with Green Peppers and Onions

Peanut Butter Beef and Rice

Consumme Pork with Green Beans

Hoisin Ginger Pork with Veggies


Salsibury Steak with Mashed Taters and Mixed Veggies

Crock Pot Orange Chicken

Sweet Balls with Rice

Beef Burgandy

Mojo Chicken and Spanish Rice

Meatloaf Beatloaf with Oven Taters

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  1. Going to finish with the rest of these in the next few days.


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