Thursday, January 28, 2010


Less than 5 things make this so yummy. Was feeling lazy and wanted something sweet and as much as I would LOVE pecan sticky buns for dinner, I just can't teach that to the boys just yet!

2 handfuls honey nut chex
3 handfuls pecans
2 eggs
1 cup white rice flour
oil for cooking

Place the chex and pecans in a mixer and mix till fine crumbs. Pound out the breast until about 1/4 in thin. Mix eggs in a shallow bowl large enough to fit each pounded out breast, add a few splashes water. The rice flour will go on a plate. I set up an assembly line here. Dip the pounded chicken into the flour first, then the egg, then the pecan mixture and then into a hot pan set to med high. Brown for a few min and flip, watching them as to not let them burn. I used two of my biggest pans to make it go faster. Drain on paper towels if it makes you feel a little more healthy!

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